Today I am Fascinated with the Evolution of Computers

Posted by Fascinationist on Tuesday Dec 25, 2012 Under Web

I’ve been alive about 33 years and have been extremely lucky to exist during the awakening and domination of the computer age.

Thanks to a brother who realized the potential of computers early, my family had his computer-hand-me-downs and I was playing Doom with the fastest computer and the fastest connection on the block (a severe advantage in modem deathmatch regardless of how well you play). I’ve been computer-centric ever since.

Last week I came across the Automator on my mac. It’s an application that allows the automation of repetitive tasks. In fact, it actually can control pre-defined tasks from other applications.

For those of us who do not know programming, cannot write a piece of code, or figure out a program’s API to pull data, it brings automation into the hands of us instead of it being restricted to programmers.

The moment I understood the Automator’s powers, I wanted every piece of software to have defined tasks that I could manipulate with Automator. Instead of actually having to do computer grunt work… I’d just have to set it up once, and press play from then on. It should be the new standard for programs!

Here is the Wikipedia page on it if you want a better explaination –

2 Responses to “Today I am Fascinated with the Evolution of Computers”

  1. Aaron Bir Says:

    I’ve played around with similar things (ie. Adobe Bridge has similar functionality) but haven’t used them effectively. The learning curve still feels a little steep and I’m not sure what I would use it for, specifically. What do you automate? Maybe it will give me a better idea of what’s capable.

  2. Fascinationist Says:

    Haven’t done more than play with the Automator as of yet… though I can imagine what I’d do if every piece of software came with a set of defined task that I could use the Automator to assemble!

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